The LAUREL LEAVES symbolize knowledge, growth, and victory. Each leaf represents each barangay numbering twenty five (25) comprising the town.  The colors of the leaves honors the blue, red, white, and yellow hues of the Philippine Flag importing  obedience to the lawful orders and issuances of the government. The cosmic arrangement of the leaves signals inclusive governance. The gap at the apex of the arrangement signifies openness to change, development, and progress. It also depicts the townspeople welcoming warmth.

The SHIELD stands for government’s protection of its capitals (human, economic, social, institutional, natural and physical) including its historic-cultural treasures. Its earth color tells that the town is agriculture-dependent and hopes to bask in prosperity through hard work and perseverance. The gold lining is a reminder that wealth is on the horizon and could come to those who cut through the waves of challenges.

At the center is 1866 which is the birth year of the town as pueblo civil by virtue of an Order by the colonizing Spanish government dated April 16, 1866. It comes in bitter-sweet color descriptive of the town’s happy birth yet sad state as a colonized territory.

The topmost part of the SHIELD portrays the living past and the welcoming present of the town. Its Spanish Ruins: the Presidencia Building and the Stone Building, and the Century-Old Church majestically stand with the imposing town marker with all three being tourist-crowd drawers just like the blue cold spring.

Nethermost depicts the seat of government and how the townspeople along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and those in highlands get by daily living.

Town’s Pacific coastline and of both the coastal and upland barangays representing the source of income of Barcelonanons which categorized into two (2) farming and fishing. On farming, the main products are coconut, cacao, lakatan, pineapple and root crops. On the lower right side of the fisherfolks and other aquatic resources that depict the fishing industry in the Pacific Ocean lying in the east of the Municipality. The main products are “curacha”, spinny and slipper lobster which are indigenous in the Municipality