Brief History of Barcelona

Barcelona originated from a small tribal settlement at the delta of Danlog River which gushed out directly to the Pacific Ocean. The settlers were mostly hunters and fishermen or both. The natives’ habitat was originally known as “Danlog”, where trade flourished among the neighboring settlements while making use of the Danlog tributary and the coastal waters for transporting their items of value.




In early 1800s, the Spaniards came and laid claim on Danlog, the settlement was eventually christened as “BARCELONA”, reputedly in honor of the capital town of Cataluña, Spain.



Ruins 1980 Photo by Boy Abayon
Ruins 1980 Photo by Boy Abayon

On April 16, 1866, Barcelona was declared as a “pueblo civil” by virtue of a Spanish Royal Decree. The conquest of Barcelona came at a much later date since the Spaniards were recorded to have discovered the Philippines in 1521. Almost 300 years of setting foot in numerous places in the Philippine archipelago had passed when the Spaniards took authority and hold on Barcelona. Although already declared officially as an independent “pueblo civil”, Barcelona remained as a barrio of the adjacent town of Bulusan. Even the parish of Barcelona was still subjugated as part of the Parish of Bulusan. Saint Joseph the worker, as the Patron Saint.

In 1868, or two years after the issuance of the Royal Decree, Barcelona became an independent town from Bulusan. The people celebrated their town fiesta in honor of Saint Joseph the Worker every May 19, which remains to be so until now.