By: Lheyben Figueroa

Garbage contributes a massive impact on the ecosystem. An eyesore to the surroundings, a threat to inhabitants. Looking into a brighter side, this environmental turmoil can be diminished with a strategic solution. Recycling has been known worldwide as an effective tool for waste reduction.And so as to create other measure of alleviating its negative effects, everyone should take part into one common goal.

In Barcelona, we work hard for it.Complying the RA 9003,an ecological solid waste management act, we provide pertinent facilities and plans towards a cleaner and sustainable measures on the rehabilitation of the closed dumpsite.From an unsightly disposal area to a “breath of fresh air” vegetation site. Awarded by environmental Management Bureau a certificate of closure, the LGU of Barcelona has reached another milestone in its vision for a cleaner environment. starting on a high note, strong leadership and rapport among front line officials can make a big difference to solid waste management implementation.

Segregation at source, functional Materials Recovery Facilities, initiative among barangays, Ordinance governing solid waste management and  support from the LGU. These will comprise the pieces of puzzle that could create a vivid picture of municipality’s vision.

Dealing with the problem of garbage, biodegradable waste is now being catered to help boost agriculture in the Municipality.Container backyard gardening is one familiar concept of utilizing household waste into a productive way.Bio-shredding process in the closed dumpsite cut biodegradable wastes into tiny pieces and transferred to composting facility for the organic production through vermi composting method.


Vermicast as the final output, contains essential compounds for plants holistic growth.Currently, this product is now gradually taking shape into an economic valuable.. It is presently being known to local farmers and agriculture enthusiasts in the locality.A potential source of income in the making.

On the other hand, non-biodegradable wastes is being catered in different mode. Recyclables are to be surrendered to the buyback centers available in area. Another income generating trend from the collected trashes.Nowadays, Materials recovery facilities among barangays is taking a new scale of handling group of wastes.Designed to be the drop off center of garbage collection, is a modernized trash bin containing segregated waste in each partition.Its time to barangay-based ecological solid waste management approach.

While residual and special waste will be stored in the Temporary residual containment area (TRCA).Residual  plastic materials is being transferred to recycling process.One of the world’s biggest source of pollution is plastic.The LGU of Barcelona is committed to step up to the challenge of fighting against plastic blighting the ecosystem. Plastic shredder in the closed dumpsite is the primary tool to deal with this arising problem. Grinned pieces of plastics are mixed in the aggregate and cement to mold a block which we call “Eco-bricks”. This could be first in the province of Sorsogon and apparent breakthrough for the reduction of plastic waste in the municipality.A waste that could end up in the ocean is now converted into a product that cost a meager input but could possibly augment local income these bricks was also a prominent feature in the newly built  DOT accredited Agri-Tourism site in Barangay Sta.Cruz.

Borrowing a modern quotation,”If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade instead’. Like what we are trying  to pursue in our field, negative circumstances can be translated into an optimistic result. What we should bear in mind is the right approach towards anything.